Rent a Car

  1. What is the grace period for returning a vehicle on the last day of rental?
    Vehicle rentals are for 24 hours from the moment the rental contract begins. However, on the last day of rental, clients have three additional hours in which to return the vehicle. After that, an additional day’s rental is charged.
  2. Why does Hertz charge such a high price to fill up a tank?
    All our vehicles are rented with a full tank of fuel and should be returned in the same condition by all our clients. In this way, each user knows exactly how much fuel they have used without our personnel being involved. If the vehicle is returned with less fuel, the price charged per liter is higher than the market price. The reason for this is mainly to discourage the vehicle being returned with less fuel, so that it can be used again immediately by a new client.
  3. ¿Can I eliminate the CDW cover from my reservation?
    No, the published rates both for companies and individuals in Chile include Collision Damage Waiver, which cannot be eliminated from the rental rate.
  4. Is the cost of Roadside Assistance (including tow trucks) included in the rental rate?
    No, the service is only free if the problem with the vehicle is due to a mechanical fault. In any other case (flat batteries, opening of locked doors, collisions, change of tires, etc.), the cost of the service must be met by the client.
  5. Can a member of my family or friend drive the car?
    Only the people indicated in the rental contract and with a valid license can drive the rented vehicle. If the vehicle is being driven by someone who has not been duly registered in the contract and the vehicle is involved in an accident, the cover taken out does not apply and the full cost of the repair will be charged to the person whose name is on the contract.
  6. Can a vehicle be returned at a Hertz office in a different city?
    Yes, it can. However, an additional charge, called a drop off, is applied depending on the distance between the city where the contract was opened and the city where the vehicle is returned.
  7. Can I use the credit card of a family member or close friend to guarantee the reservation?
    No, this is not possible. Credit card guarantees must be signed or the card’s PIN number entered, which should only be done by the cardholder.

          Operational Leasing

  1. What are the differences between Operational and Financial Leasing?
    With Operational Leasing:
    – You are not acquiring an asset.
    – In accounting terms, it is considered an expense.
    – It is not recorded as a liability, improving debt capacity.
    – It is a rental contract that incorporates other services (maintenance, cover, permits, etc.).
    – The quota paid does not consider the residual value of the vehicle, which is why it is much lower.
  2. What is the minimum number of months and fleet for Operational Leasing?
    12 months minimum (normally 48 months maximum) and a fleet of at least 5 vehicles.
  3. What does the rental rate include?
    – Preventative and corrective maintenance.
    – Tire changes.
    – Insurance against damage to the vehicle and for civil responsibility.
    – Replacement in case of accident or faults.
    –Services via internet.
    – Attention in all our offices or garages throughout Chile.
    – Executive assigned to the account.
  4. Can the fleet be returned before the stipulated date?
    Yes, depending on the conditions stated in the contract.
  5. We’ve got our own vehicles in the company at the moment. Can you buy them from us or help us sell them?
    Yes, prior to a commercial appraisal by Hertz.
  6. Do you carry out training sessions for users?
    Yes, Hertz has developed a country-wide training program, focused on client safety and the adequate use of the fleet according to the type of operation.