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• 30 minute grace period is offered for the vehicle’s return. After three and a half hours, the six hour rate is charged and after six and a half hours, the daily rate is charged.
• Rate includes free mileage, Collision Damage Waiver and electronic tolls (TAG).
• Does not apply to special agreements with companies (discounts, vehicle delivery, guarantees, etc.) or alliances or promotions that apply to published rates.
• Payment in cash or by debit or credit card.
• Service available in Santiago and Concepción.
• Hertz will hold your vehicle reservation for a maximum of 2 hours after the time indicated in the reservation, except when the client informs beforehand of a possible delay.
• Credit card guarantee required with a minimum available balance of $250.000 Chilean pesos.
• Part-Time Night from Monday to Thursday.
• Rates subject to change without prior warning.