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Solutions and Continuity

Solutions and Continuity

Our main concern is providing you with made-to-measure solutions, the continuity of your operations and support for your business, whatever the circumstances.
Hertz Chile and its Operational Leasing service is the best alternative on the market for flexible vehicle rentals for 12 months or more. This service is aimed at businesses from any sector that require a fleet of five or more vehicles for their operations in the country.

Tired of spending time on things unconnected to your business, such as documentation, vehicle inspections, maintenance or accidents?

Find out more about our Operational Leasing, which includes:
Preventative and corrective maintenance.
Tire changes.
Insurance against damage to the vehicle and for civil responsibility.
Replacement vehicles in case of accidents or repairs.
Complete paperwork for every vehicle.
An online platform for fleet reports.
Optional equipment such as GPS and corporate logos.
We have the best cover, infrastructure and trained personnel in our extensive national network of branches, as well as garages in the country’s main mines.