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Terms and Conditions

Hertz confirms vehicle categories and NOT specific models.

 1. Rental requirements
Identity card/valid passport.
Valid driving license.
Driver over 22 years old.
Credit card guarantee.

2. Included in the rate
a) Free mileage. 1 (one) day rentals in Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales only include 300 free kilometers; each additional kilometer has a cost of $200 + VAT.
b) Second driver at no additional cost.
c) Roadside Assistance within Chile in case of mechanical faults.
d) CDW cover without deductible in case of collision (damage to the rented and third party vehicles), except international rates (with the AE, V1 and V3 codes). All damage to the vehicle is covered, including material, moral and emerging damage, civil responsibility and loss of profit:
Material damage: a maximum of UF500.
Civil responsibility: up to UF10.000.
e) Three hour grace period. (30 minute grace period for Part-Time rentals).Vehicle rentals are for 24 hours from the moment the rental contract begins. However, on the last day of rental, clients have three additional hours in which to return the vehicle. After that, an additional day’s rental is charged.

3. Exclusions
a) A deductible of UF30 + VAT applies throughout the country for all vehicle categories in the case of theft, robbery or misappropriation of the rented vehicle or if the vehicle is a write-off.
b) Damage to tires is not covered and will be charged to the client, unless it constitutes damage caused by a collision or accident involving a third party. If the replacement of tires for wear and tear is requested before they have been used for 30,000 kms., a proportional cost is charged to the client.
c) Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs: no cover applies (for more information, see our Contract Appendix).
d) Consequential damage: not included in our CDW cover.
e) Drivers not registered or specified in the rental contract who are involved in an accident: no cover applies, since this cover becomes invalid.
f) An excess of UF 20 + IVA applies to 4×4 vehicles if they roll over.
g) In Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Balmaceda and Coyhaique, the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) cover has an excess of UF20 + IVA (or its equivalent in US dollars) in any event.
h) Any damage caused by use of Highway N°7, known as the Southern Highway or Austral Road, between Puerto Montt and Villa O’Higgins, either on the road itself or on adjoining or parallel roads is not covered, with the exception of damage to pick-up trucks and/or vehicles with traction when the damage cannot be attributed to careless driving.

4. Accidents
In case of an accident, theft or robbery of the vehicle, you must file a report at the nearest police station and then contact our offices for insurance purposes, entering the details of the accident at www.hertz.cl/siniestros within at least 48 hours of the event occurring. If you do not follow these steps, the cover initially taken out will not be applied.

5. Lost or mislaid documents or documents that are not returned
If a rented vehicle’s documents are not returned to Hertz at the end of the rental, an additional charge of $40.000 + VAT applies.

6. Fuel
a) Vehicles are rented with a full tank of fuel and we recommend returning them in the same condition. If not, Hertz will apply a charge per liter plus VAT to replace the missing fuel, according to the price indicated in your rental contract.
b) If you prefer, you can prepay a tank of fuel. The availability and price of this service varies according to the vehicle and Hertz office.
c) If a fuel type is used that differs to that of the vehicle (for example, diesel instead of gas or vice versa), the costs associated with cleaning the tank, the motor or any other damage will be charged to the client.

7. Airport charge
An airport charge applies per day of rental at airports where Hertz has a counter. This charge applies to any contract opened at these locations, irrespective of where the vehicle is returned (applies for a maximum of 15 days).

8. Charge for Electronic Tolls (Televía)
Rentals in Santiago, Viña del Mar, Rancagua and Los Andes are subject to an obligatory charge for electronic tolls in Santiago (called televía).

9. Permit to drive into Argentina
a) Our permit to drive into Argentina allows clients to take a Hertz vehicle into Argentina with protection provided in case of accidents through the documentation Hertz provides (notarized permission, obligatory cover and customs form for multiple crossings).
b) People of Argentine nationality cannot request this permit, unless they can prove permanent residency in Chile for more than a year through a certificate issued by the respective Consulate.
c) Once the permit is issued, its cost cannot be refunded.
d) This permit should be requested at least three working days in advance. The information required should be sent to our National Reservations Department by the client before the aforementioned deadline, using the form sent to the client for this purpose.
e) Each permit is for either 1 to 15 days or 16 to 30 days. The price of each varies.
f) Our Roadside Assistance service is not available in Argentina. Therefore, the client is responsible for coordinating any service required in Argentina and must pay for it directly.
h) Our GPS systems do not include maps of Argentina.
g) In case of accidents or if the border is closed for climatic or any other reasons, the client is still responsible for the vehicle and the contract will remain open until the vehicle is returned to any Hertz office in Chile. The cost of any transfers, tow truck services, customs fines or additional rental days, etc. must be met by the client.

10. Chauffeur Service
a) Our chauffeur service involves 9 hours of service per day (including an hour for lunch); after that, there is a charge for each extra hour of service, up to a maximum of 12 hours per day in total. Any service the following day must begin at least 8 hours later.
b) This service incurs other costs, such as fuel, tolls and food and drink for the chauffeur, etc., which the client must pay according to the expenses presented by the chauffeur at the end of the rental.
c) This service is offered for a minimum of one day (9 hours of service).

11. Additional equipment
a) Hertz cannot be held responsible for any service or additional equipment not confirmed in your reservation.
b) Additional services or equipment are subject to availability and incur separate charges

12. Roadside Assistance (including Tow Trucks)
a) The cost of our Roadside Assistance service (including tow trucks) must be met by the client (charging flat batteries, collisions, roll overs, opening locked doors, changing tires, etc.) The service is only free for the client in the case of mechanical faults that can be attributed to the vehicle and/or its maintenance.

13. Companies with special agreements (including tour operators and travel agencies)
a) If the rental is no longer required, the reservation must be cancelled in advance, otherwise the cost of sending any vehicle to an address incurs a charge of $10.000 + VAT.
b) No show: Hertz will hold the vehicle for up to two hours after the time indicated in the reservation. If no contract is opened, the vehicle will be released and a charge of 10% of the amount quoted in the reservation made, up to a maximum of one day’s rental.
c) Vehicle collection occurs either at or after the time this service was requested, depending on the availability of our drivers.
d) For monthly rentals, electronic tolls (televía) will be charged according to the actual number of times each portal was used.
e) Daily rates for companies with special agreements are subject to change when the reservation is made less than 96 hours in advance (does not apply to tour operators and travel agencies).

14. Text messages (SMS)
When you make a reservation, you accept that informative text messages (SMS) can be sent to you as part of the normal booking and car rental process. As a client of Hertz Rent a Car, you can ask not to receive these informative text messages (SMS) by sending an e-mail to servicioalcliente@hertz.cl, indicating that you do no longer want to receive said messages and informing the corresponding mobile phone number.