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Corporate Profile

Hertz Chile is the oldest Hertz Corporation licensee in the world. Since 1961, its operations have earned it solid international prestige and an undisputable leadership in the industry in Chile. This license is operated in Chile by Autorentas del Pacifico SpA, founded by Carlos Olivos Moreno in 1961 with 4 vehicles.

In the seventies, the first four branches were opened, with a total of approximately 300 vehicles. In the eighties, with 1,000 vehicles in the fleet, the first Operational Leasing contract was signed for 200 vehicles. In the nineties, with 3,000 vehicles in the fleet, there was a strong expansion into the mining and service sectors. We have been growing steadily since 2000, incorporating Machine Rental into the division and with a fleet of more than 16,000 vehicles at the end of 2015.

Currently, Autorentas del Pacífico SpA is an integrated company with international quality, environmental and safety certification and the following areas of business:




President of the Board

Carlos Olivos Marchant Lawyer graduated from the University of Chile, OPAL, Princeton University. Master of Comparative Jurisprudence (M, C,J) NYU. The board is currently made up of six people, all members of the Olivos family. They are a mixture of university-educated young adults from the family’s third generation, as well as three second generation members.


Management Team