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(Español) Arrienda en Hertz y maneja con Uber

(Español) Arrienda en Hertz y maneja con Uber


To rent a car in Hertz and make use of the Uber agreement, you can call us at 22 360 8666, write to reservasnac@hertz.cl, or directly at our branch of Av. Andrés Bello 1469, Providencia (metro Manuel Montt).
With your car rental Hertz you can already drive in Uber, you also accumulate KMS LATAM Pass!












Driver’s license and valid identity card.
Over 22 years old.
Certificate of updated background.
Guaranteed credit card with a minimum amount of $ 300,000 or the estimate of the rent in case of exceeding the amount.



The rates will depend on the type of car and the duration of the rental (daily, weekly or monthly). You only have to pay for the fuel consumed separately and if you exceed the maximum amount defined for the TAG.



1.- What documents are needed when leasing the car?
To lease a vehicle at Hertz, you must first be registered as a Uber driver and comply with the rental requirements.

2.- Who should leave the guarantee for the lease?
The holder of the guarantee (credit card) must be the same person who will drive the car.

3.- How many kilometers are included?
The vehicles to rent in Hertz, within this alliance, include unlimited mileage.

4.- Is it possible to add an additional driver to the lease?
The only driver admitted and authorized to drive the vehicle will be the user who requested and paid with his credit card the lease.

5.- What kind of coverage does the vehicle have?
The value of the lease includes the Coverage Against Personal Injury (CDW) and Civil Liability up to UF1,000. This coverage has a deductible of UF3 + VAT for any event per claim and other general exclusions apply such as tire damage, theft of accessories and theft of the vehicle.

6.- If you do not reach to return the car on the indicated day?
Hertz will charge the difference of the refund on the credit card that was left as the amount of the guarantee. There will be a charge of 1 more day of rent.

7.- What happens if I am involved in some type of accident?
You must enter the information requested in the claim statement found on our website www.hertz.cl/siniestros. If the leased vehicle can not be moved, you must call our Route Assistance at 22 941 89 50. In the event that the accident occurs during office hours contact 22 360 8648 for more details.

8.- Can I rent another vehicle in the future?
If you are an active driver and have no debts with Hertz, you can rent a vehicle as many times as you need.

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